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All that we have, all that we had.

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For years the only thing that was important about Bucky was the fact that he was the thing that Captain America lost. And that remains important — in fact it’s the reason the Winter Soldier story worked. Cap still lost. If I was going to take away the tragedy of Bucky being killed in action, I had to replace it with something worse. Cap couldn’t save Bucky and because he couldn’t, Bucky became his own worst nightmare. And then in trying to save Bucky again — by giving him his memories back — Cap tortures Bucky by making him realize everything he did as the Winter Soldier too. Bucky is such a great tragic character and that tragedy has different sides to it now.

—Ed Brubaker (via agentsonofcoul)

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idk what i’m doing.

idk what i’m doing.


Chris Evans and Sebastian StanCaptain America: The Winter Soldier shooting.

"Please, remember me."

"Please, remember me."

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